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United Way is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing lives by mobilizing communities to promote the greater good. As part of my role at United Way, I had the privilege of designing internal, local, and national materials. These creative assets played a role in supporting the organization's mission and amplifying its impact across various levels.

Volunteer Project Program Rebrand 

Volunteer programs serve as a valuable resource for empowering local United Ways with the knowledge and tools to make a positive impact on their communities. As part of my responsibilities, I took on the task of revitalizing these programs by implementing updated brand standards. Through a comprehensive rebranding effort, I ensured that the volunteer programs aligned with the organization's current vision and brand identity, enabling United Ways to effectively engage and support their communities.

Media Campaigns 

Media campaigns are designed to captivate and retain the audience's attention while effectively conveying the intended message. Throughout my time at United Way, I had the privilege of developing impactful media and ad campaigns to promote various programs.

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2020 Holiday Card

I was assigned the task of creating a holiday card for United Way that would be used globally. Recognizing the diverse cultures we engage with, it was essential to design a card that could resonate with everyone. In addition to the physical card, I also developed an animated version suitable for online distribution. It was a fulfilling experience to contribute to a holiday card that could effectively convey a universal message of joy and inclusivity across different cultures and be easily shared online.

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Case Studies

Case studies play a pivotal role in consolidating United Way's findings for specific programs and effectively presenting the information. These studies are meticulously crafted to ensure the information is conveyed in an easily digestible format. By organizing and presenting key insights, successes, and challenges in a clear and concise manner, case studies serve as valuable resources that inform and inspire stakeholders, helping drive positive change and meaningful impact.

Internal Media

At United Way, I  developed internal media that delivered vital information while offering creative freedom to explore and experiment with brand designs. These media assets served as engaging platforms to communicate updates and initiatives within the organization.

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