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About Me

Hello! My name is Jonathan Esteban. I have always had a passion for creating, and have been using the Adobe Suite since middle school. During high school, I was accepted into the IT Design program, crafting works for the school, students, and local businesses.

Originally graduating from George Mason with a BA in graphic design, over the years I've expanded my expertise to encompass an array of creative disciplines including motion graphics, videography, UX/UI, photography, and editorial design. With an extensive portfolio that spans government and commercial sectors, I strive to showcase a rich history of collaboration and successful client engagements. When working with me, expect a passionate, adaptable, and highly skilled designer who is committed to delivering outstanding results.

A healthy work-life balance is important. So when I'm not in front of the screen you'll find me exploring national parks, getting my sports fix (both real and fantasy), or with an apron whipping something together in the kitchen. Nature fuels my inspiration, sports ignites my competitive spirit, and experimenting with ingredients brings out my culinary creativity.

My Utility Belt


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