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Bellow's application is a passion project created to help users find recipes and ingredients to fit their dietary lifestyle. 

Sous Chef

Fuel Your Lifestyle

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The mission of Sous Chef is to create an application where users with dietary restrictions can find recipes and ingredients that fits their life-style.

Survey & Interview Findings  


Most (64.7%) use a website to find recipes to fit their lifestyle

when asked how they search for recipes, participants usually search based off of the main ingredient (beef, chicken, eggplant)

Multiple interviewers would not look up substitutes for ingredients they did not own or did not align with their dietary lifestyle due to time & frustration

Interviewer #4 "With my son's allergy (peanuts) I have to be careful when I buy food just for me and Jake (husband).... Sometimes I don't even have the effort to look at stuff and end up preparing the usual things I cooked."

Most (85.3%) forget they have bought certain ingredients

Competitive Analysis 

After researching our competitors, there was a significant lack of tools for dietary lifestyles. Most of the applications only provided options for diets while ignoring food allergies. None of competitors provided the ability to find substitutions for ingredients or a easily accusable way to to alter the recipe to fit different dietary lifestyles.    


Using information gathered from surveys, interviews, and competitive analysis, the persona created best represents the main target audience.

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Meet Kris!

Kris is 30 years old and would consider herself a healthy eater. She prepares meals so she knows where the food is coming from. Kris likes to try unique recipes, however, finding recipes that fit with her vegetarian lifestyle can be challenging, especially ones that also accommodate her partners soy allergy.

With Kris's Dietary Lifestyle, She Needs:

  • A Quick & Simple Way to Find Recipes

  • A Way to Figure Out if a Certain Product is Safe to Eat

  • To Find Substitutes for Ingredients

Journey Mapping & User Flow

Knowing what Kris needs, I created a journey map portraying her process when trying to prepare meals and the main challenges that occur. Knowing where Kris struggles, the user flow created for Sous Chef is centered around tackling these problems where they occur most.

Lofi Prototype

lofi 1 transparent.png
Usability Testing Top Takeaways
  • Lots of Steps & Found the Manual Input Method Outdated

  • Mentioned Adding a Voice Input System & a Photo System

  • Found Info for Ingredient Useful for Their Dietary Lifestyle However Layout Wasn't Optimal

High-Fi Prototype

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Home Screen Transparent.png


Results & Takeaways 

This application might be a passion project of mine, however through researching and testing, it became clear to that this application has a market. More importantly, the information shows that Sous Chef could help relieve the stress of cooking for many home cooks, allowing them to explore culinary creativity while following their dietary lifestyle.  

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