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Marketing Campaigns

Media campaigns play a pivotal role in capturing audience awareness and engagement. Establishing a cohesive and impactful brand presence across diverse media channels is crucial, while also considering the unique restrictions and requirements of each platform. Here are some samples of the media campaigns I have developed over the years, showcasing my ability to navigate these challenges while creating compelling and effective campaigns.

Haymakers for Hope

"Haymarkers for Hope" is a national foundation that organizes boxing events to raise funds for cancer research. Ian Ruel, a managing principal, volunteered to fight in one of these events. I created promotional videos, email blasts, and social media content...

United We Count

"United we Count, United we Vote" served as United Way's impactful national campaign in 2020, aiming to empower citizens by facilitating voter registration and amplifying their voices. As the creative force behind this initiative, I had the privilege of designing the campaign...

United We Count Cover-2.jpg

Property Campaign

At Feldman Ruel, we employ a comprehensive approach to promote our listings, utilizing multiple avenues of media and marketing. Through strategic e-blasts, leveraging the power of social media platforms, and creating compelling videos...

260 35th Street NE - One Pager.jpg

United Way Social Tiles

During my time at United Way, I had the opportunity to develop various media and advertising campaigns. Here's a snapshot of some of the impactful campaigns I crafted during my time with the organization.

Twitter_Social Cards_ IWD2.jpg
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