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"My Sushi Book" is a passion project born out of my love for food, particularly sushi. The aim was to create a user-friendly book that would serve as a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in learning the art of sushi-making. I had two primary goals: durability and simplicity. To achieve durability, I developed a unique fan design that eliminates the need to keep the book open while working with potentially messy hands. The book is crafted using a recycled, durable plastic material that is not only easily cleaned but also waterproof.

In terms of simplicity, I organized the book to be two-sided, featuring rolling and prepping instructions on one side and recipes on the other. This design approach allows for compact storage while ensuring that the book remains concise and easy to follow. By combining innovative design features with straightforward instructions, "My Sushi Book" offers sushi enthusiasts a practical and long-lasting resource for their culinary adventures.

Sushi Book Spiral.png

The book is bound by on steel pin, allowing the book to spiral out 

My Sushi Book is 2 books in one. Flipping the book round reveals the "Sushi Recipes" containing 20 recipes.

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