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Sauce Bottle-2.jpg

I created Slaughter House, a passion project focused on a BBQ brand that embodies ruggedness and makes a lasting impact. I also created a captivating store display to enhance the brand experience. The display case features an interactive element that engages customers in a unique way. By pressing the "Get Cookin'" button, the display comes to life, with red eyes appearing, hickory-scented smoke emanating from the boar's nostrils, and boar sounds filling the air. This attention-grabbing feature creates an immersive and memorable experience, leaving a lasting impression on customers and reinforcing the brand's rugged and flavorful identity.

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When the "GET COOKIN'" button is press, the boars eyes will glow red, hickey smelling smoke comes out of the nostrils, and sound of a boar plays

Slaughter House Stand-2.jpg
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