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Feldman Ruel is a commercial real estate firm. The branding is centered around professionalism and boldness. The distinctive identity, characterized by the sleek, bold emblem and San Serif font, embodies a modern aesthetic that captivates attention. Through this brand, I have crafted an array of impactful media campaigns, offering memorandums, motion graphics, infographics, emailers, and captivating video tours. Below, you'll find a selection of examples showcasing the exceptional work I have created for Feldman Ruel.

Offering Memorandum

Offering memorandums are the lifeline of the company. Through meticulous attention to detail and a strategic approach, our offering memorandums captivate audiences, showcasing the property's unique features and value proposition

Media Campaigns 

By leveraging various media channels such as digital advertising, social media, print, and more, media campaigns provide a strategic and targeted approach to reach and engage their desired audience.

Motion Graphics &
Video Tours

Observing a lack of motion graphics and videos upon joining Feldman Ruel, I was determined to fill this void. I dedicated my personal time to create a few test videos and present the ideas. Today, motion graphics and videos have become valued elements incorporated seamlessly throughout our projects. Here are some of the motion graphics and videos I have made. 

Feldman Ruel

Feldman Ruel

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